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The fitness market, as part of a globally growing lifestyle community, has existed in the western world since the 1980s. In Europe and North America in particular, “fitness” has become an essential and indispensable part of a positive development of people’s lives. For some years now, this component has been growing in a new dimension under the influence of globalisation and is now creating almost boundless markets. Further impetus comes from digital technologies that make fitness simpler, more effective and safer. Training with electromyostimulation, or EMS training for short, is one of the growth segments in this field and, due to the ever-increasing networking of people, there is also a globally comparative fitness community.


TECNATIVES Nt followed a holistic approach. The right training starts in the mind: in the head of the developer, in the head of the trainer and in the head of the trainee.


However, all EMS systems established on the market are facing a fundamental problem with far-reaching consequences: On the one hand, as with any other sport, it is important to prevent negative effects through too intensive training or incorrect training procedures. On the other hand, training should be as self-sufficient and possible in groups. This requires not only the possibility to electrically stimulate a muscle, but also to control whether it is activated neuronally in the correct dosage and with the expected result.


TECNATIVES Nt goes this way and optimizes the FEMS impulses for the respective exercise or sport. The impulses act as an additive to the movements of the user.

Applied correctly, FEMS technology makes training more efficient and sustainable.




TECNATIVES Nt technology is based on more than four years of joint research and development. Scientists and engineering teams from Germany and China have jointly researched and postponed technological boundaries. The TECNATIVES Ntsystem is more than just a new participant, it takes the lead in a dynamically growing lifestyle market.

The heart of the system is a novel suit-generator-sensor system, the Nt Core. On the basis of body-like impulses, nerve and muscle fibres are stimulated, measured and optimized. An integrated biofeedback system prevents overexcitation and overstraining of the activated muscle groups. In addition, data are introduced into the stimulation process by means of extended sensor technology in order to optimise training and open up new areas of application.

The special tracksuit Nt Suit contains all necessary electrodes, cables and the measuring equipment. The materials were partly developed for space travel and meet all earthly standards. The efficient system does not require additional wiring or humidification. Tighten, warm up, done.


Indoor or outdoor – with TECNATIVES Nt there are (almost) no limits. TECNATIVES Nt was not only developed for fitness studios or micro-gyms. Rather, it is aimed at athletes in different sports. TECNATIVES Nt complements training in handball, football and boxing or supports functional training, jogging and Pilates. Muscle build-up, endurance or fat reduction – there are as many types of sports and training as there are people exercising.


TECNATIVES Nt supports performance improvement in a highly intensive way with a broad spectrum of technical possibilities. Many sports and fitness users can use TECNATIVES Nt to achieve endurance, muscle tone, rapidity, endurance, maximum strength and fat burning while preserving flexibility while protecting tendons and joints.


In comparison to conventional training methods, TECNATIVES Nt enables the activation of almost all motoric units and thus also the attainment of deeper muscles with little effort during the exercises.


You can trust in it: TECNATIVES Nt is THE safe system for your training.

Comprehensive security technologies and concepts ensure that your FEMS training is carried out safely at all times across all systems. In addition, the TECNATIVES Nt licensing system guarantees that only specially trained and approved personnel are allowed to use the system.


In modern FEMS training, it is not the goal of the FEMS training to create an increase effect only through the on and relaxation (holding exercises) that are carried out in one place and by holding the trainee in opposition. It is about optimal and effective movements, coordination, impulse strength and time expenditure.

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