FEMS training system with closely coordinated components.

Nt System

Nt¹ (Nt One) is TECNATIVES ® first generation functional electromyo stimulation (F-EMS) system, made up of a number of coordinated individual components as follows:

Nt Suit

​The Nt Suit is a special FEMS suit with dry electrodes. These impulse areas necessary for electromyo stimulation are placed directly on the skin in their ideal position by the suit. The Nt Suit also has the connection device for the Nt Core.

Nt Core

The heart of the TecNative Nt System is the Nt Core – a novel pulse generator for the entire TecNative Nt System. It is used to generate, measure and optimise nerve and muscle fibre moods on the basis of body-like impulses.

Nt App

The Nt App is a multifunctional software for your iOS device and the central application for managing the Nt Core, selecting and controlling training programs and maintaining the software.

Nt Campus

In addition to the simple and intuitive operation, you get comprehensive and scientific knowledge about EMS.

Nt Cloud

The Nt Cloud offers comprehensive services for the administration, use and optimization of the TecNative Nt system. For this purpose, the Nt Cloud is also used for training analyses and the results in the Nt App.

Nt Care PRO

Our support provides you with extensive FAQs, a structured ticket system and direct contact to the TECNATIVES Lab.