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Native Trainings (Nt)

native training

FEMS technology, when used correctly, makes training more efficient and sustainable.

TECNATIVES – hygiene at the highest level!

TECNATIVES - hygiene at the highest level!

The global corona crisis has massively increased attention to hygiene practices at all levels. The fitness industry also felt the effects of the shutdown. Gyms can be considered hotspots for infections if they do not have adequate hygiene plans.

Safety by Designs

safety by design

You can trust it: TECNATIVES Nt is the safe system for training. Comprehensive safety technologies and concepts ensure that FEMS training is always safe and controllable.

EMS system categories

EMS system categories

Different providers pursue very different approaches regarding these 4 components and their interaction, nevertheless these 4 areas offer themselves as categories of a comparison.

EMS Basics

EMS Basics

EMS stands for Electro-Myo-Stimulation – a neuronal stimulation of the muscles by external, electrical impulses.

EMS with implants – TECNATIVES explains

EMS with implants - TECNATIVES explains

In the field of EMS sports, in some sections of public opinion and even in some expert circles, the concern about a new technology often outweighs openness to new applications.



Sarcopenia is the degenerative, age-related breakdown of the skeletal muscles. Muscle loss due to non-use can be regained bit by bit through sporting activity, but the loss of muscle strength and volume as a result of illness or sarcopenia is more difficult to correct.

Stay Hydrated -H2O

Stay Hydrated -H2O

Every person needs several litres of water a day – men about 2.9 litres and women 2.2 litres. We get a part of it from eating (about 1 L) and a part from breathing (0.25 L).[1]

Bluetooth – completely harmless

Bluetooth - completely harmless

Once again we want to deal with the issue of the safety of our product. After we discussed last time why EMS does not pose a risk to the heart, we would now like to turn to the question of the danger of electromagnetic radiation. The main source of electromagnetic radiation in our product is Bluetooth, which is used for communication between the app and the core.