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EMS system categories

An EMS product traditionally has 4 components.

  • The electrodes and
  • The garment she wears
  • The impulsive unit that generates the training pulses
  • The control unit or control application with which programs and training are set.


Different providers pursue very different approaches regarding these 4 components and their interaction, nevertheless these 4 areas offer themselves as categories of a comparison.

These categories can be broken down again into a few parameters that characterize the differences between different systems. This enables us to have a better overview of the diverse EMS landscape.

There are two categories for almost all components of an EMS system.

These are as follows …

Dry vs wet

Impulse unit:
Battery operated, wireless vs wired, stationary

Suit vs vest

Control unit:
Mobile device vs fixed column

You can roughly identify two opposite poles of development – TecNatives FEMS, which uses the more modern technology in each category, and products like Miha, which use the older technology in each category.


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